Better Than Twitter: RWY37 News Lets You Read 301 Articles Per Day

VÍK Í MÝRDAL/SILICON VALLEY—In the last few days, we have received a high amount of concerned inquiries about our read limit policy.

Ever since our beginnings as an aviation pornography web site in 1993, RWY37 has always maintained a very liberal 301 article policy, even during the dotcom crisis in 2000 and the volcanic eruption in 2010. There are no plans to lower this limit, so you can rest assured that you’ll be free to continue reading 301 articles of high quality aviation journalism each day like you are used to.

Our founder Jökull Alvar Kristjánsson has made our policy clear in a New York Times interview in 1998: “Our core value has always been to be better than Twitter, and we’re delivering on that promise. We have put vast amounts of market research into finding the ideal daily article limit, and anything 300 and under just doesn’t do justice to our loyal readers dialing up to the internet to surf through cyberspace to their preferred and trusted aviation news authority.”

Since those humble beginnings of a one-man operation out of a decommissioned igloo, we have grown into a large worldwide news empire with journalists in every country except Belgium. We understand that our competitor Twitter was forced to reduce the amount of page loads to 300 per day to cut down on server cost. RWY37 News is in a significantly better financial position, we can keep offering our readers the service level they deserve.

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