New TSA Rule Lets You Bring One Dangerous Item On Your Birthday

WASHINGTON—The Transportation Security Administration has announced on Monday that passengers are allowed one dangerous item in their carry-on baggage on their birthday. The rule only applies to adults and children over the age of 12 if accompanied by a legal guardian.

“We have analyzed all the data we have since the TSA’s formation in 2003,” Administrator David Pekoske explained to press on Monday, “and we couldn’t find any evidence of threats to air travel security commited on the perpetrator’s birthday. It was just a matter of common sense to make security smarter and more efficient by using big data. We’re making travel safer while at the same time promoting an environment that feels more relaxed and fun than in the past.”

Members of the TSA PreCheck® program will be exempt from the birthday rule and can bring one dangerous item on any day of the year, as long as the combined length, width and height is no more than 22 inches and the item fits in the seat pocket during take-off and landing.

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