For Your Entertainment, Funny Cartoons Provided In Seatback Pocket

Customer experience is one of our top priorities. We are constantly evaluating and improving our inflight entertainment selection. We are now offering at each seat in every cabin class a booklet containing a series of funny cartoons. Follow the adventures of our lovable, goofy yet somewhat clumsy hero who is an airplane passenger, just like you, but keeps running into bad luck.
In one episode, his flight faces an unspecified incident and he ends up ripping open the exit hatch and jumping down the wing. The hilarious part is that his seat was actually on the other side, but he spotted debris and flames through the window, so he stood in front of the potential death trap exit with his arms forming an X, directing the passengers to the other exit.
In another episode, the plane lands on water and the passengers all take a boat ride.
The booklet also contains some funny jokes such as “please do not remove this card from the airplane” as well as “Final assembly of this airplane was completed in Brazil.”

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