Magic Plane In Movie Takes Off As 737, Lands As 787

ENCINO—Moviegoers were amazed on Saturday after witnessing a Boeing 737-8JP(WL) magically change into a Boeing 787-9 on screen. “It was none of those English wizardry movies where stuff like this usually happens,” said Alfonso Reyes Andrade, a baseball organist from Van Nuys, after emerging from Cinema 7 at the Regal Sherman Oaks Galleria. “This one character in the movie had just finished her freshman year at NYU and you saw her get out of a taxi at JFK airport, which in the next scene on the inside looked like terminal 2 at Raleigh–Durham for some reason. Then her plane took off and she was on a Boeing 737 of Norwegian Air Shuttle [actually Norwegian Air Sweden, Ed.], the one with Danish-Norwegian writer Aksel Sandemose on the tail, which is really odd since Norwegian only ever flew to some Caribbean destinations from the now closed JFK base, and definitely never to Wichita, where the girl from the movie was returning to. So I’m assuming this was some sort of wet-lease agreement in which Norwegian leased out one of their aircraft to a US carrier during their financial crisis.”

Perplexed moviegoers congregated outside the lower level concession stand after the show to discuss and vent their bafflement. “The 737 had what looked like a generic 80s cabin,” Andrea Jenkins, a buffet strategist from Calabasas, recalled. “I guess Norwegian removed their own Recaro Slimline seats for the wet-lease and temporarily installed whatever they had in storage. Now here is what happened. The 737 magically morphed into a 787 on final approach into Wichita – only to taxi around various British Airways widebodies, which I assume must have all diverted to Kansas in the previous hours due to some kind of WX situation at their intended West Coast destinations.”

“It’s amazing what they can do with computers nowadays,” Jesus Brandenberger, venture capitalist from Pahrump, commented after the show. “Back in the 80s, they used scale models with some clever mechanics to create the illusion of a passenger starting their journey on one airplane type which magically transforms into another one mid-flight. Nowadays, it’s all soulless CGI.”


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