Missing Submersible Found Stuck Inside A Boeing 777 Engine

NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN—To the relief of everyone involved in the rescue effort, the OceanGate submersible that lost contact on Sunday afternoon has been located. As the US Coast Guard reported earlier today, the underwater craft with a crew of five was found intact at the bottom of the Ocean near the Titanic wreckage site, stuck inside a Boeing 777 engine.

“We’re now doing our best to get the craft out of there and bring it to the surface, and we’re still in high hopes that the crew is alive”, US Coast Guard Capt. Jamie Frederick told reporters at a press conference hours after the discovery. “We’re still puzzled how it got stuck inside the Trent 800 high-bypass turbofan, and we’re not quite sure why that aircraft part is there in the first place. But what’s important is that we found the submersible and we now have a good chance to get the crew out of there alive.”

Rescue teams reported that they were made aware of the craft’s approximate location by repeated banging noises caught by the passive sonar. In a computer analysis, the sounds were estimated to be caused by “separately distinguishable sound signatures of at least 50 people banging against a metal hull”; a phenomenon that, according to Coast Guard audio technicians, was probably caused by multiplying sound wave reflections on the ocean floor.

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