Spanish Version of PA Announcement Clearly Contained Details About the Delay the English One Didn’t

NICARAGUAN AIRSPACE—Sources aboard flight Hondureña 106 confirmed that the Spanish version of the First Officer’s PA announcement clearly contained words, whole sentences and probably even details about the delay that the English version didn’t. “When the pilot spoke in English, it was hurried and passionless, and also with a terrible accent,” Managua-bound passenger Craig Kang Choi reported, “but nobody cared since I was the only Gringo on board. The Spanish language announcement was at least ten times as long and contained what appeared to be a proper greeting and information about the flight and weather.”

Choi told reporters on Tuesday that he was completely left in the dark about the increasingly annoying holding patterns above the Nicaraguan rainforest, while his fellow passengers caught the latest news from the first officer’s announcement, and sometimes even screamed in excitement.

“The English announcement was like twenty seconds long and the acoustics of the PA system were so crappy I didn’t understand any of it. From what I caught from the Spanish version, he said words like Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos, which appears to be a friendly greeting around here, and also combustible agotado, incendio, fallo de presurización and secuestro. My Spanish sucks and I’d really appreciate it if they also made announcements in English and not only in a foreign language.”

At impact time, Choi announced he was going to take his hard earned dollars elsewere in the future.

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