Overview of Everyone Above You on Standby List



We know that you really need to get on that last red eye before the holiday weekend, the gate area is already packed and the inbound has not even landed yet.

Here’s an overview of everyone above you on the standby list.

The Airline’s CEO

It’s very obvious that she is higher than you are, and will ever be, on the standby list.

The Captain’s Girlfriend

Yeah there’s no way you’re flying and she’s staying behind.

Frequent Fliers with or without Status

They are now giving complimentary same-day standby for all diamond, platinum, gold, silver and classic members. You can sign up for free by clicking here.

Random Guy

We’re not even sure why he is on the standby list, but he was really friendly with the gate agents, so he’s definitely flying.

Gertrude from Payroll

She works exactly the same position in your office and was hired a day after you, but for some reason she is above you on the standby list.

The FO’s daughter

He wasn’t too keen on having her in the jump seat for 4 hours, but the Captain had the last word.

The 1956 Nigerian Olympic Triathlon Team

Yes, they can nonrev on your airline. It’s in the Contract of Carriage. Didn’t you read the Contract of Carriage?

Everyone in the world

Yes, there are 7,888 billion people above you on the standby list competing for the last middle seat in the rear of the A330-200. Oh wait, a baby was just born in Nha Trang. That number is up 1 now.


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